Genome7 is a fully automated, cutting edge NGS laboratory

Genome7 is a fully automated, cutting edge NGS laboratory

Genome7 laboratory is the most advanced Next Generation Sequencing Laboratory in South Europe with the objective of being a global first class Genomics partner for your projects and a reference in innovation in this field.

One of the main features of Genome7 is that it has been designed integrating all the components of the NGS process:

- A Genomics laboratory completely automated that includes sample processing

- A massive sequencing laboratory 

- Bioinformatics analysis with specifically designed pipelines integrated with the laboratory workflows

- A LIMS controlling all the processes


This innovative laboratory has been possible thanks to the large experience in NGS projects of Era7 Bioinformatics and to its new partnership with Laboratorios Larrasa.

Genome7 is a fully automated laboratory with safety level III capabilities with more than seven hundred square meters based in La Albuera, Badajoz, Spain.


The Bioinformatics of Genome7 Laboratory

The Bioinformatics of Genome7 Laboratory


Era7 Bioinformatics is the bioinformatics partner of Genome7 Laboratory.  It ensures a high quality data analysis and reports providing you the best results in your projects.

Era7 Bioinformatics has highly scalable and robust Cloud Based pipelines built always with Open Source bioinformatics solutions. In some cases, the solutions are developed by Era7’s team and in other cases, Era7’s R&D Department has chosen the best and most reliable third party Open Source Bioinformatics developments to integrate them in the pipelines used for data analysis.

In addition, Genome7 laboratory is under the control of a specially designed and developed LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) that integrates all the tasks of the global process including the quality control protocols.

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