•   The most advanced illumina sequencers
  •   The newest PacBio sequencing platforms
  •   Fully automated Lab workflows
  •   Quality Control and traceability
  •   Cutting-edge NGS approaches and pipelines


The most advanced illumina sequencers

The most advanced illumina sequencers

In Genome7 we have the most powerful illumina sequencer:  the NovaSeq 6000.


NovaSeq 6000 was introduced by illumina in 2017. Among its features are scalability and flexibility, being an advantageous option for many kinds of projects. It can be used for Human genomics, transcriptomics for any type of organisms or bacterial genomics.  This system is also very cost effective.


As an example, in Genome7, with the NovaSeq 6000 we are able to sequence 24 human genomes per day as this system is able to sequence up to 48 human whole genomes and produce 6Tb of data per single run as short as 40 hours


In Genome7 we also have an illumina MiSeq which is very useful to apply illumina technology to 16S projects.


The newest PacBio sequencing platform

The newest PacBio sequencing platform

In Genome7 Laboratory we have a PacBio Sequel machine.


The new PacBio Sequel System is based on Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) technology and delivers about 7X more reads with 1 million zero-mode waveguides (ZMWs) per SMRT Cell.


The PacBio Sequel System is ideal for projects that need to generate high-quality whole genome de novo assemblies. PacBio  Sequel is the best option for de novo bacterial genomics and for new de novo complex genomes.

Other very important application of PacBio technology is to analyze biodiversity analyzing 16S gene for Taxonomic Profiling as this technology allows for full-length 16S gene analysis in only one amplicon.


TCR and BCR repertoire analysis is a very important tool for the follow-up of:

  • cancer immunotherapy
  • vaccine development
  • infectious diseases
  • autoimmune diseases
  • transplanted patients


PacBio technology allows analyzing larger amplicons. Using CCS (Circular Consensus Sequences) approaches that warrant a very low error rate for each read, we offer Immunogenomics services for BCR and TCR repertoire analysis based on the PacBio Sequel platform.

Fully automated lab workflows

Fully automated lab workflows

In Genome7 we have designed the lab to be fully automated and for that we have three Fluent TECAN robots to automate Nucleic acids extraction and NGS library preparation for different workflows.

Liquid handling without pipetting

Liquid handling without pipetting


For those applications requiring that, we have an Echo 525 liquid handler, which allows, without pipetting, transferring as low as 25 Nanoliters from one plate to another.

Some of the features of this system:

  • Highly precise and accurate low volume transfers enabling assay miniaturization
  • Builds assays 50–100 times faster than traditional liquid handlers giving the lab higher capacity
  • Eliminates pipetting variances that affect assay success




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