Genome7 Services: From samples to findings

Genome7 solves all steps of your project:

  • Project Design
  • Sample management, preprocessing and quality control
  • Library preparation:

​                 - Illumina

​                 - PacBio

  • Sequencing​:

​                 - Illumina

​                 - PacBio

  • Bioinformatics:

                 - Best and accurate bioinformatics methods

                 - Adapted to each kind of project

                 - Cloud based scalable data analysis

                 - Complete deliverables

                 - Clear and detailed reports


Genome 7 Services: For the dimension of your project

Our automated laboratory and our cloud-based highly scalable bioinformatics solutions allow us to manage efficiently projects of any size.

Genome7 will provide you with high quality results regardless your project is a really large project with thousands of samples or a small pilot project.


Some Genome7 Services

  • Genome sequencing for organisms with reference genome with illumina technology (short reads)

                 - Human
                 - Mouse
                 - Any other organism with reference genome

  • De novo genomes with PacBio technology (long reads)

  • RNA-seq:

                 - mRNA
                 - miRNA
                 - lncRNA
                 - circ-RNA

  • Microbiome analysis

                 - 16S Taxonomic Profiling
                 - 18S Taxonomic Profiling
                 - ITS Taxonomic Profiling
                 - Shotgun metagenomics

  • Immunogenomics

                 - TCR repertoire
                 - BCR repertoire
                 - HLA genotyping

  • Targeted sequencing 


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